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Puriskin has been incorporated into all my clinical protocols as it is completely natural and gentle enough for use on even the most damaged skin. .

I have witnessed positive results with keloid scars and sore skin conditions with patients consistently reporting relief from itching, irritation, inflammation and reduction in scar size.

I also like to use it as the finishing touch to my beauty treatments and in a daily routine as it adds a protective layer and prepares the skin for mineral makeup.

Case Study

Scar Reduction Patient Result

'My experience with keloid scars is that the irritation is reduced between one day and one week after which redness is significantly reduced.
Patients cite a notable reduction in size of scar tissue over longterm use.'

Meet our Charity Ambassador - Pauline Giles

‘I had Breast Cancer in 2010 and was recommended to use Puriskin on my scar. explains Pauline Giles founder, Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Charity ‘My scar is now hardly visible, when I have shown people my reconstruction, they are absolutely astounded at the results.'