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'Even though my healing is done, I always have Puriskin in my cupboard, and it is used regularly throughout the seasons to heal chapped hands and protect from constant water damage.'

'One of Bosom Buddies' main goals is to make mastectomies and chemotherapy a rarity not the norm. Education is key and our work involves doing everything within our power to inform the youth of today. We are able to campaign and do the work we do through the generous support of companies like PURISKIN by Vanessa Blake Cosmetics who help us in our quest to make opportunities become a reality.'
PAULINE GILES - CEO & Founder, BosomBuddiesUK - Registered Charity.

Support with Puriskin


Despite being a major killer of individuals and loved ones - whether old or young, male or female - awareness months and lots of fundraising events by outstanding organisations in the UK and all over the world, there is still a lack of practical awareness about how to be vigilant and what symptoms look out for when dealing with cancer which could radically improve a survivors treatment course and quality of life and increase survival rates.

BosomBuddiesUK's school visits is one way that Pauline Giles works to address the balance of information.
The programme is well-received and it's importance vitally noted by the schools and the students as - simply put - Cancer does not discriminate.

This why we are commited in our support and so thankful to you for every purchase that is made of Resurfacing Formula. Each time you buy you help us support the charities' mission to help others.



Pauline Giles mission through BosomBuddiesUK Charity is invaluable and benefits young people for whom this salient information is not only life-saving but would be a catalyst for improving the health prospects of theirs and future generations.
Sadly despite improvements in the curriculum on practical information such as sex education and citizen awareness - the invaluable information on cancer detection still needs to be greatly addressed.

The aim through school visits is to inform, educate and potentially help save lives of both young men and young women by providing information of how to look for the earliest signs of cancer - and advice on steps to take if there are any causes for concern.