Puriskin Resurfacing Cream is a deeply calming formulation for normal to dry skins designed for the smoothing of unsightly blemishes, marks and surface damage such as stretch marks, acne scars and keloid scars as well as rough, chapped hands. The active botanical of chamomile brings anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory suppport to the membrane strengthening and cell-renewing benefits of vitamin B5 and Tigergrass respectively.

Gentle and soothing, Puriskin Resurfacing Cream has received particularly strong feedback with use on conditions such as dry, chapped and hard-working hands including those of builders, gardeners and mechanics.


CHAMOMILE TEA (parfum) is the essence we use in our CREAM formulation to soothe irritation and calm redness. It has uplifting calming properties as a scent – and is not an active allergen in the wider understanding of perfume as a terminology.


Recommended Conditions

  • Very dry skin, that is chapped and/or scaly.

  • Burns and scabs.
    For deep burns please seek medical help first to ensure no infection is present before using Puriskin or any other topical product.

  • Blemishes and Marks

  • Cuts, cracks and splits

  • Scars - both newly formed as well as old scar tissue.
    acne scars, wound scars, surgical scars and keloids.

  • Razor bumps

  • Stretchmarks

Expert Voice

Puriskin Resurfacing Cream is extremely well tolerated on damaged skin and soothes sore areas while creating an environment that boosts rebalancing and repair.
The hydrating, chamomile-infused formula nourishes skin that has been affected by the elements, biological processes or surface wounds while depositing active compounds that the body's natural processes can metabolise to speed up the healing function.

For similar conditions that occur on either extremely sensitive, recently sensitized or post-traumatic skin (such as those skins having gone through surgery, or invasive treatments such as chemotherapy) - try our Resurfacing Formula - with cooling cucumber for rapid calming relief.


As a very lightweight product with no-greasy residue Puriskin Cream cam be applied as and when required without disrupting daily activity.
Daily application is recommended with longterm improvement noted with sustained use as part of the body's skincare regime

For dry skin conditions
Apply directly after showering to slightly damp skin that has been patted dry.
Puriskin Cream can then be reapplied as required throughout the day.
A final top up on dry skin areas every night before bed time is highly recommended, with users often reporting noticably softer, and improved, skin in the morning.

For damaged skin
Where actual skin damage has occured it is recommended to apply Puriskin both as a topical soother and as a nourishing healing aid .
Apply Puriskin directly to the cleaned wound area. Tapping in gently until fully absorbed. Dressing or band aids can be applied as required or medically recommended once fully absorbed.
Reapply Puriskin Cream as required.