Puriskin Resurfacing Formula is an exceptionally gentle formulation harnessing the soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities of cucumber to bring rapid relief - typically on contact - cooling heat and calming redness and irritation.

Designed for extremely sensitive and traumatised skins, Puriskin Formula is an effective remedy for easing common uncomfortable conditions such as split fingers and thumbs, cracks and lesions and scalp irritations.

Consistently strong feedback has been received from sufferers of Eczema and those undergoing chemo and radio therapy, where application aids hydration and stops skin from drying out and splitting and also supports the rapid fusing together of skin where splits and lesions have already occurred.


Recommended Conditions

  • Highly Sensitive or traumatised skin.
    Users with skin in this condition where the slightest sensation can cause discomfort and pain typically report that using Puriskin Formula provides relief without discernable burden.

  • Heat, irritation, itching
    & Soreness, redness and inflammation
    Provides rapid relief from irritation - typically on contact.

  • Dermatitis conditions - with flakiness, redness, scaly patches.

  • Scars on sensitive skin - both newly formed as well as old scar tissue.
    acne scars, wound scars, surgical scars and keloids.

  • Razor bumps on sensitive skin

  • Stretchmarks on sensitive skin

Expert Voice

Puriskin Resurfacing Formula is especially formulated for skin that can barely take any outside sensation such as skins that have been excessively damaged and severely traumatised.
The rapid-action of the deeply soothing cucumber extracts alleviate redness, sensitivity, itching and heat typically on contact while the extremely light texture avoids extra sensation on the trauma.

For normal to dry skin - try our Resurfacing Cream - with calming chamomile.


As a very lightweight product with no greasy residue Puriskin Formula can be applied as and when required without disruption to the daily routine.
Regular application throughout the day is recommended with notable longterm improvement typical following sustained use as part of the body's skincare regime.

For dehydrated skin conditions
Apply directly after showering to slightly damp skin that has been patted dry.
Puriskin Formula can then be reapplied as required throughout the day.
It is advisable to treat affected areas with a dose of Puriskin Formula before bedtime to support the nocturnal repair process which, during sleep, is the body's highly active period of regeneration.

For particularly traumatised and sensitized skin
Patch test and leave for 24 hours to ensure suitablity.
If well tolerated start with two or three times daily application and increase application as required to benefit from surface improvement and supporting the repair process to improved, normalised skin.

With medical guidance, apply Puriskin directly to severly traumatised areas. Applying delicately to avoid further trauma and allow to fully absorb. Dressing or band aids can be applied as required or medically recommended once fully absorbed.
Reapply Puriskin Formula as required.

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