Healing With The Gifts Of Nature

Our Star Botanicals - Tigergrass, Chamomile, Cucumber and Comfrey

Healing with the gifts of nature


Each Puriskin formulation is designed with the holistic principles of complementary medicine, harnessing the natural potency of plant-based actives which function in harmony with and support the body's protective activities.

The guiding principle for our range has been that in providing restorative care adverse reactions should be avoided and existing conditions not exacerbated.

As such nature's kindest offerings have been specifically selected for their equal ability to perform while being soothing and gentle. Effectiveness has been weighed in equal measure with harmony to the delicate canvas of skin.

In the development of our products, in conjunction with clinical practitioners and patients, the high performance of a select group of star botanicals became evident and, in varied combinations, form the basis of our leading products newly available to the consumer.