Our Ingredients - For Your Health

Formulated with Care and Conscience

Ingredients that are suitable for vegetarians, ethically made and paraben free.


PARABENS (Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and/or Ethyl Parabens)
These are widely used in cosmetics and skincare as preservatives, to inhibit microbial growth in products and extend their shelf-life. While parabens can be classed as 'natural' as they occur naturally in plants and fruit, research into their effects on oestrogen production and possible facilitation of cell environments conducive to cancer is inconclusive and has been cause for concern. As our skincare is designed for long-term use, we choose not to use any parabens as their cumulative effects are not fully understood and the alternative preservatives we use are not only equally effective but kinder to skin without similar concerns for long term health.

ANIMAL TESTED or ANIMAL-derived ingredients
Our products contain vegetable origin ingredients. Many ingredients that occur naturally can be found in both animals and vegetables such as glyerin or allantoin. The Puriskin choice is always the vegetable origin and we formulate with care and feedback with human beings in clinical environments. We do not use ingredients tested on animals.

Concerns exist over their possible contribution to bacterial resistance. Puriskin is formulated with the natural antibacterial properties of essential oils.

PETROLEUM-based ingredients (Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Paraffin)
Products of refined crude oil, petroleum derivatives are commonly found in skincare as they are highly efficient in sealing in moisture and providing a vacuum against outside bacteria. Concerns with their use arise from known links to skin irritation and the clogging of pores which affects the skin's barrier function and can cause further reactions with long-term use. Puriskin uses natural emollients such as Jojoba oil which mimics sebum - the body's naturally-produced oil - to hydrate the skin, while allowing it to breathe without adverse interference with skin balance.

PHTHALATES (various) 
Diethyl phthalate is the phthalate most widely used in scented lotions and insect repellents. While Phthalates are banned for use in Europe due to researched effects on human reproduction and hormone-mimicking, they are still allowed for use in the US and internationally. Further cause for concern is that their use is not legally required to be listed on labels, meaning true levels of exposure to the ingredient is unverified and long-term effects hard to quantify. Puriskin expressly do not use Phthalates in any of our product formulations.

LANOLIN (and Lanolin Oil)
A by-product from sheep wool, and used an emollient, Lanolin has been linked to dermatitis reactions and skin sensitivity. We choose not to use Lanolin due to its allergen potential and its animal origin which make it unsuitable as Puriskin products are formulated for vegetarian and vegan use.

Skincare products often contain synthetic versions of natural ingredients because they make a product cheaper to produce. We choose to use natural vitamins, natural oils and compounds in Puriskin products to harness the excellence of their holistic properties and balance in harmony with the ethos of complementary medicine.

UREA (Imidazolidinyl, Diazolidinyl)
Used as preservatives - almost as widely as Parabens. We choose not to use these as they are recognised for playing a role in causing contact dermatitis. Used in conjunction with other preservatives in order to function more efficiently as antifungals they can also become highly toxic.