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Step 1: Choose Lip Treat - Natural Lip Therapy

Step 2: If you like - add a smell, taste, extra SPF, moisture-boost & luxury silk texture!

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PURISKIN Lip Treat is a therapeutic healing formula with excellent anti-aging and regenerative properties designed to relieve various common and problematic lip conditions.

Formulated with all natural botanical plant waxes (carnauba & candelilla) this organic base has a botanical SPF of 6-8 and is additionally boosted with natural Vitamin E to protect against the elements. Our soothing plant-based and vegan-friendly formulation protects against moisture-loss while preserving emollience and hydration for the lips.

PURISKIN Lip Treat is available as a clear, scent and taste-free formula or your Lip Treat can be customised to suit your specific needs, particular preferences and unique personality!

Bespokable options include:
- adding a smell or a flavour
- adding even more skincare benefits to the already exceptional formula
such as:
- added moisture (for super-dry or damaged lips)
- extra spf (maybe you're going somewhere sunny?)
- a silky texture (for those that just can't live without a flair of luxury!)

Whatever your preference, Lip Treat is an enjoyable healing boost to revive the beauty in your lips.

Anatomy of the lips

Our Lips and why we need to protect them

Our lips make a big statement about us. The colour and condition of lips with their direct connection to our digestive system is one important feature that is used to determine a person's health in traditional Chinese Medicine. Socially the colour, shape and condition of lips influence our perception of beauty, sex appeal and how confident we are about ourselves.
Understanding more about our lips and why we need to protect them is the first step to ensuring they look great.

The skin all over our body comprises three layers. These are the top level, epidermis and deeper levels, the dermis and a fatty layer. However the structure of our lips is very different to the rest of our body - more fragile with much thinner layers. The surface of the epidermis of all our skin is covered by dead cells, known as stratum corneum. This acts as a protective barrier against moisture loss, bacteria, heat and light.
The stratum corneum is much thinner on the lips (3-4 layers thick compared to 15-16 layers thick elsewhere) which is why the blood vessels underneath are more visible, giving the rosy tint we are all familiar with. The lip's epidermis does not contain melanin cells(sun protection) or hair follicles and sweat glands(which produce oils and sweat) so that they are very vulnerable to moisture loss and sun damage.

This is why it's important to protect them in cold weather or direct sun exposure. Winter lip problems are also further affected by those who lick their lips frequently or who are exposed to wet winter conditions such as sport or outdoor work. Many people, therefore, suffer from chapped, dry and cracked lips in the winter leading to continuous discomfort and often embarrassment.

Ageing of the lips is ultimately the result of dehydration which damages the layers beneath causing impaired cell function and loss of fat. This makes lips thinner with the surface skin dry, sensitive and less beautiful and kissable.
An important strategy to protect lips is to use a lip balm. However many feel greasy and make the use of lipstick a problem. Lipsticks generally offer limited protection. Some lip products contain unfavourable ingredients or in the case of lipstick, contain harmful colours or chemicals which may be easily ingested.

Additionally excessive application of greasy balms can increase lip licking which dries lips further due to the enzymes in saliva. The result a vicious circle of application and removal. Some people are actually addicted to lip balm application which can impair normal skin function making the problem worse.

Article by Amanda Shayle

We recommend a lightweight, nourishing and healing product such as Lip Treat which moisturises as well as locks in moisture to prevent the need to lick lips while treating areas of concern.